Wednesday 3 December 2014

Taking Stock / In The Hood

OK, I guess it's time for another update! I'm working on my list of things to fix up. Without any kind of order, here's some pictures!

SPOT THE SPIDERWEBS! Does anyone know what this bolt is called? It links the door frame to the actual door, and I believe that a previous owner fitted the wrong bolts at some stage (they don't match). It's the source of the most awful crunching noise when I open the doors. They look different on white pug:

If anyone might know what part I need to order to get a set of these (one for each door) that'd be great. Please leave a comment if so.

You might be wondering how bad the roof on Grey actually is? Well... This bad...

So, buggered stitching, broken plastic parts, and a window that's so far gone it has turned red! The previous owner had patched it up with electricians tape to stop it leaking. 

I found a really great guide for 306 Cabrio specific issues here:

I've been following its advice on the removal of the roof. Takes a bit of work to fill in some of the gaps but without it I would have had a much more difficult time trying to work out how to remove the roof!

So this is Red pug with the roof in a state of partial-disassembly. The hydraulics are disconnected, so all that needs to be done now is the bolts that hold the roof assembly to the chassis need to be removed, and the roof position-sensor electrics unplugged, and I'll have a loose roof, ready to go on to Grey pug!

Finally, here's a pic of the three pugs:

Isn't that a nice sight?


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